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An admission by rollins that a consequence of reagan’s policy has been stealth muslim brotherhood infiltration of the us government would be an admission of defeat and a tremendous tarnishing of reagan’s legacy. Could the antichrist possibly be a muslim there are some bible prophecy teachers who think so for a fascinating discussion of this question with 11 different bible prophecy experts stay tuned. While rollins is just a microcosm of a much larger reagan legacy protection team, a consequence of his (and others) defense of reagan at all costs is continued infiltration saudi funding the saudis have been funding muslim brotherhood groups in the us for decades the muslim world league (mwl) got its sea legs in this area in the early 1960’s. A daily herald editorial says donald trump's brash call for a ban on muslims entering the united states is dangerous and,, recalling the words of president ronald reagan regarding a similar threat.

Omar regan is the son of imam luqman abdullah, the muslim imam who was gunned down by federal authorities last month in detroit regan says that his father was wrongfully murdered, but also states that he resented law enforcement because “they didn’t care about people in the hood. The rightwing, and some others, give reagan credit for ending the cold war the concept, i believe, is that the soviet union's economy could not keep pace with reagan's defense build-up. The school barack obama attended in indonesia was “muslim” primarily in the sense that the preponderance of its student body was muslim (because indonesia is a predominantly muslim country.

But president, reagan unintentionally fueled radical islam by arming the anti-soviet muslim fighters in afghanistan and by ultimately secretly shipping arms to iran to gain release of us. While reading former reagan speechwriter peggy noonan’s 2001 book, “when character was king,” i came across a very interesting speech president reagan made in march 1983 to the international. Ronald reagan the following is a transcript and corresponding video of a speech delivered by ronald reagan, twenty-eight years ago today–independence day, at 10:06 am on the steps of the jefferson memorial. The reagan official-turned-muslim-conspiracy-theorist once obama was in office, gaffney was one of the main drivers of the idea that there was a deep-rooted muslim infiltration of the government. It marks the end of the reagan revolution his first major political cause was birtherism, the noxious and false claim that president barack obama was secretly a muslim born in kenya.

Omar regan is raising funds for american sharia on kickstarter the first ever halal comedy/action feature film of it's kind movies that represent muslims worldwidestories by us everyone can enjoy. (from president ronald wilson reagan's book abortion and the conscience of the nation, which first appeared in: the human life review spring 1983) it was acknowledged then that religion held a special place, occupied a special territory in the hearts of the citizenry. Unfortunately, reagan's later record toward militant islam was less impressive, notably his 1983 retreat from beirut and his administration's 1985-86 arms transfers to tehran. Eventually more than 100,000 muslim radicals were to have direct contact with pakistan and afghanistan and be influenced by the jihad [against the ussr]in camps near peshawar and in afghanistan, these radicals met each. This resource page assembles key statements by us presidents over time and provides an overview of how presidents and candidates have engaged islam on a national and international level.

Regan muslim

The timing of the death of nancy reagan just as donald trump’s ascendancy to the republican nomination seems increasingly unstoppable, is particularly painful for one muslim lady in brooklyn. Reagan thought putting up a fence on the mexican border was a bad idea. President reagan was especially troubled by the murder of stethem, and felt pressure to respond in july, he signed a security directive to convene a cabinet-level task force on combating terrorism. Directed by omar regan with eric roberts, najmah abraham, nadine abu-jubara, sheikh akbar after a prejudiced police officer upsets the muslim community through racial profiling, the chief of police assigns two muslim officers to regain the trust of the community.

  • His mother then married lolo soetoro, a radical muslim from indonesia when obama was 6 years old, the family relocated to indonesia obama attended a muslim school in jakarta.
  • “payload specialist” prince sultan: reagan/bush beat obama to the muslim nasa outreach punch in fact, the obama administration is not the first to waste tax-funded nasa resources and space program on muslims ronald reagan and his vp, george h w bush, were but they just wouldn’t say so publicly.
  • Ronald reagan's famous speech a time for choosing placed in the context of islamic fascism, which the world is dealing with today as always i reserve the right to remove any comments of a.

Reagan openly promoted terrorism and islam in the schoolbooks we supplied afghani schoolchildren we were brainwashing the minds of muslim children we were promoting islam instead of christianity. Ronald reagan on muslim new year on the observance of afghanistan day author: ronald reagan march 21, 1983 today, march 21st, is new years day in much of the moslem world new years, of course, should be an occasion for celebration but for the moslem people of afghanistan, whose country was attacked and is occupied by the soviet army, it is. As an african-american muslim entertainer, regan offers a unique perspective on everyday life, his mission statement is an acronym of his last name, reflect excellence, gratitude and nur (light. Two more ronald reagan quotes: we will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support turning the party over to the so-called moderates wouldn't make any sense at all.

Regan muslim
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